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I published my From The Firehouse To Your House several years ago; (printings of this book has discontinued). The response was welcoming and widespread; favored by all who purchased it. This cookbook was compiled by collecting recipes over many years of Fire Service, our Backdraft Smokers Championship BBQ Cooking Team files, other Teams, Judges, The Fire House, and featuring many of Mom's home cooking recipes; Southern and Cajun Cooking at its best. Now I plan to extend my recipes to my website cookbook. Enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you try and how you like the recipe.

Most Southerners take their barbecue very seriously, refining methods of preparation and fiercely defending the preeminence of their favorite sauce recipes. There are few things in the South more universally revered than good barbecue, and deconstructing barbecue is a study in the culture of the South. Unlike most food preparation in the South, which is dominated by women, barbecue is a male preserve. In the Southern United States, barbecue is a cherished cultural icon. In other areas of America, "barbecue" is a verb--Northerners barbecue food on the backyard grill. In the South, however, barbecue is most definitely a noun. A barbecue is a gathering of food aficionados who appreciate the aroma of roasted meat that has been painstakingly smoked for several hours. Barbecue itself is chopped, sliced, or pulled meat liberally doused with a variety of (closely guarded) sauces.The word "barbecue" has many meanings. Only in English could this sentence make sense: "I think I'll barbecue some barbecue on the barbecue for the barbecue." Barbecue can mean the cooking technique, the resulting dish, the equipment or the event where the meal is served.

"Dinner" at the Griffith's house is an all-out attempt on our part to end world hunger and promote a healthy obesity among all guests. When we cook, we strictly abide by the Ten Commandments of Southern Cooking. These Commandments aren't actually written down anywhere, but if they were, I imagine they would be found in the Bible of Southern Cooking in the First Chapter of the Book of Martha White. The Ten Commandments of Southern Cooking- Mississippi Magazine, Jan-Feb, 2006- by Karen Clark Rasberry.

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