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The most remarkable evidence of the growth of confectionery industry in Philadelphia is the business of Whitman's, established in 1842 by Stephen F. Whitman. It outgrew its quarters and was removed in the early 60's to 1210 Market. After several other changes in location, the continued increase in output necessitated still larger quarters. In 1889 the business was therefore divided, the factory being removed to 6th and Cherry Streets, and the retail store to its present location at 1316 Chestnut Street. In 1906 the factory was removed to the large building, 411 to 421 Race Street, and with still further recent additions it now occupies the entire block on Race Street from 4th Street to Lawrence Street.

To this firm is due the credit for the first attempt to pack confectionery in boxes; this was in 1854, and from this small beginning has developed the wonderful system of to-day, candies being now packed in the most artistic manner in handsome boxes, some of which contain as much as ten pounds.

The Candy Making Industry in Philadelphia By Ellwood B. Chapman


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